Friday, October 17, 2014

These Shoes Have Never Been Out Of Fashion

Not all shoes are worn for comfort. Some of them have become status symbols, fashion accessories and tools. Women wear High Heels to attract men with their seemingly endless slim legs, accentuated by the wearing of these shoes.

 The most comfortable of this footwear would have to be about four centimetres high. If they are any higher most women will find them impossible to walk on.

 When did these shoes make their entrance? It was a long time ago, as long as the ancient Pharaohs when pictures of this type of footwear were first seen. People of high class and also butchers used to wear them. The Pharaoh's court used them as status symbols, whilst the lowly butchers wore them for practical reason to prevent them from standing in pools of animal blood.

 They were worn all over the Middle East and in ancient Rome. In the middle Ages people, both men and women began to wear raised heels to prevent their feet being covered in mud and muck as they walked along the filthy roads of the cities. At that time roads were merely mud tracks, as nobody had thought about paving their thoroughfares.

 Later still, huntsmen, warriors and any persons who were in the habit of riding a horse, found that these heels stopped their feet sliding out of the stirrups. It can, therefore, be seen that the earlier examples mostly had practical use in mind.Mostly, because the women from Turkey were wearing shoes that were so high that they had to use sticks to be able to totter around in them. If no sticks were available, they roped their servants in to help them walk.

 Although most of these types of shoes are worn by women, men do also sometimes wear them. If they are vertically challenged heels become a kind of vanity as they were embarrassed about their short stature. Men usually try to hide the fact that they have increased their heel height by having shoes made that will hide the fact that they are built up varieties.

 Wearing heels of this size has become very much a tool for women to get their legs noticed, as mentioned above. Manufacturers have jumped aboard and have set about to satisfy the demand for these shoes. They are mainly used for evening wear, but they are also often used by women to increase their status in the work place.

 When shopping for this kind of footwear one can get out to the local shopping centre and visit a pair of shoe shops. It is much easier, however, just logging on to the internet. This is especially handy if your work schedule is tight as shopping this way can be done with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in one hand, whilst the other operates the mouse of your computer.

 There are many sites to choose from and they all have a vast array of shoes available for any occasion. When your card details have been approved, your shoes will appear within a short period of time.

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