Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bracelets Are Fun Pieces Of Fashion Jewellery

Bracelets have been around for 100?s of years and people adore wearing these fascinating and fashion jewellery articles. Bracelets are just like bangles and are worn around the wrist. Wearing stylish bracelets add a charm to your wrist and make you trendy and modern. You can wear one on its own or you can wear many together, all of the same colour range or mix colours and styles together for a funky look.

Bracelets can be on chains of silver or gold with dangling charms. Girls and children love to have these stylish bracelets for casual as well as formal wear and they are a must have piece of fashion jewellery. Bracelets are made of a variety of metals like; gold, silver, plastic, rubber, rope and wood. Teenage girls tend to opt for the cheaper but stylish bracelets made of plastic or wood. Older more sophisticated women usually like to wear more expensive bracelets of gold or sterling silver. Some even made from semi-precious beads and stones and even precious stones in these pieces of fashion jewellery.

An eclectic range of gorgeous bracelets are available to choose from. These fashion jewellery pieces are one of the oldest jewellery articles worn and even today they are a beautiful variety is used. This variety includes bangles with charms and medical alert bracelets in many exciting styles and designs.

Charm bracelets are very much the latest piece of fashion jewellery these days. Charms come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Vintage, Pandora and Italian charms are some of the famous varieties. You can get a variety of bracelets that are dripping in collections of bright and funky beads. Chinese enamelled cloisonn beads look amazing sitting on chunky bracelets. Charms are sometimes used as a token of love or friendship especially heart shaped pendants. Ribbon bracelets are a unique way to show your sentiments and feelings about the awareness and causes of different diseases. Pieces of fashion jewellery are often used now to bring awareness to charity campaigns.

Medic alert charm bracelets are new and unique. They come in a variety of lovely styles and are quite durable. They are personalized items which contain the information you wish to have on it. They usually have the information including an ID number, primary medical condition and phone number of the 24 hour rescue service. These are useful for children when they have certain medical conditions and the bracelets can be fashioned into beautiful pieces of fashion jewellery. Wearing and using medic alert bracelets is a unique way to safeguard your health and to call in emergency whenever required.

Whichever bracelets you choose to buy just enjoy wearing it. Play around and mix colours and styles together to create funky styles or why not go for that one statement piece. Try a chunky thick band of wood or metal that will brighten up a dull outfit. I am sure that you will find your perfect bracelet or bracelets in the many beautiful collections of fashion jewellery that are available in the shops.

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